What  We Offer

No matter if you are “That B” or dealing with “That B”, navigating through the Child Support & Family Law system can be challenging, confusing, and frustrating! 

We offer an entertaining yet informative platform by which to share the journey! You aren’t alone anymore!


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to foster better outcomes for children by empowering parental self-advocacy, promoting public awareness, and demanding accountability of the child support enforcement agencies, attorneys, and government officials.

We DO NOT offer legal advice and should not replace the advice of an attorney. This Forum is designed to allow a safe place to share experiences, information, resources, and emotional support for those walking this uneasy journey.

We suggest the use of the information found on this site to help have informed discussions with your attorney or co-parent, prepare you with helpful questions that can help you to become a more informed client, or better prepared self-advocate for the do-it-yourself person!